*makes the exact face my avatar is making as I go through the Junko tag*


By 不腐君※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


By 不腐君
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


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WarioWare: Twisted!

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*takes the SAT and doesn’t know any of the answers so just fills in the bubbles that correspond with all the chords from Through The Fire And Flames on Expert*

…I wonder if that ever worked out?


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how about a new avatar



My copy of Smash 4 hasn’t even gotten SHIPPED anywhere yet, I’m v scared I won’t get it day of and everyone’s gonna be better than me at it with the extra day of practice they get

you could’ve gotten the game the moment sakurai came up with smash bros and people would still beat you

no…I’d be the master

there’s probably someone at the NSA who has watching youtube poop as their job description

I meant Cia from Hyrule Warriors but yeah

do you think cia would like youtube poop