do you really? Do you really need to finish Male Gaze?

no but i’m gonna

weak ass anime nerd motherfucker

it takes me 2.5 million years to watch things and it takes me even longer to play shit. i gotta finish this game yo


Watch Mekakucity, it’s the good kind of anime bullshit


is Madoka included in that list of Bad anime cause ive been meaning to watch it

oh no, I’m kinda digging Madoka, honestly for a few reasons that aren’t what was intended, but it’s a kinda neat little story. I’ve gotta get back into watching Samurai Flamenco tho, that’s way better than anything else I’ve been sinking time into.

I’ve been watching/playing a bunch of Bad Anime shit lately and I don’t know how to feel about my life anymore

at least I’m not enjoying it

do tell

so there’s a part where the main dude tells this other girl (who is wearing only a blanket, mind you) that they’re going to play rock paper scissors, but if he picks anything other than paper he automatically loses. she then sits and debates over what she should pick, then goes scissors. he picks rock, and nobody mentions that he said he’d automatically lose if he picked not-paper? then he gropes her tits accidentally.

final thoughts?

because I’m going to fucking jail

andrew told me to watch the next episode of no game no life and I got halfway through and I Am Done